Fujitsu develops mechanism for encrypted searching to enhance your privacy

2013 was no good year in the aspect of privacy. Intelligence services worldwide were exposed by documents indicating their spying activiities and hacking is still an important topic.

Fujitsu Labs in Japan developed an approach to cope with this problem.

Searching encrypted

Searching encrypted

Some of you may now think that this can’t be new. We live in 2014 and still don’t have ways to search encrypted? According to Fujitsu previous methods are not reliable:

There are already a number of methods for searching data in an encrypted state, but these rely on pre-registering searchable keywords, and do not allow for freeform searching. These searches face certain implementation problems as well. As search results are unencrypted, this creates the potential for unwanted disclosure on the search engine. In addition, the search process is time-consuming.

Fujitsu’s new design, however, allows freeform search while the process itself is completely encrypted and the search results are transported encrypted, too.

If you are more interested in the details, take a look at the official press release!

Fujitsu launches new Business-smartphone next month

As you may remember, Fujitsu also sells smartphones. However, you can only get them in Japan so far. Yesterday, the company announced a new model for business customers: the F-04F.

The new F-04F by Fujitsu

The new F-04F by Fujitsu

The F-04F aims to meet the typical demands, business customers have. It for example uses a power-saving “WhiteMagic”-display which extends the battery runtime. Fujitsu itself says, that the battery can run up to 3 days.

A special Telephone interface highlights frequent phone and E-Mail contacts. Other security features are a fingerprint sensor, microSD-encryption and the possibility to deactivate app sources like Google Play. The operating system is Android.

Software features like Microsoft Exchange-support and voice enhancers for loud environments as well as call recording are onboard and promise to help customers.

The phone is also water- und dustproof based on the IPX5/8 and IP5X standard.

Fujitsu cooperates with Japanese provider NTT-DoCoMo to launch the device on January 6th in 2014. A launch in other countries is not to be expected.

(via Fujitsu, thx!)

STYLISTIC Q584 now available in the US, starting at 879$

It’s been a long wait for many people who waited for the Q584 but Fujitsu finally put up the device for sale.



The Q584 has a display size of 10.1 inches and is based on Intel’s newest Atom BayTrail SoC which delivers good performance and promises a satisfying battery runtime.

The base price with a standard configuration is 879USD. However, customers can customize the device to meet their individual needs.

The Q584 can be directly ordered at Fujitsu’s website.

How Fujitsu’s shell-concept for tablet-PCs works

In some of my earlier articles, I shortly wrote about Fujitsu’s shell-concept without going deeper. This is why I want to shortly describe this to you today.

The Q584 on its cradle

The Q584 on its cradle

Fujitsu presented two new tablet-PCs this fall: the STYLSTIC Q704 and Q584. Both tablets can be ordered with three different shells.

That allows you to even more individualize your tablet-PC.

The default shell is water- and dustproof and will be shipped if no other shell is selected. It’s pretty stable and should be used by the variety of users.

Another option is to order the “SmartCard-Shell.” This shell comes with a SmartCard-reader and VESA-Bearings, but is not water- and dustproof. VESA-Bearings can be used to mount a glove on the back for example. This is very useful in industrial areas.

The last option is a mix of the previous ones. It doesn’t contain a SmartCard-reader but has VESA-Bearings. It’s also water- and dustproof.

Ordering another shell may cost more and should therefore only be considered if explicitely needed.

STYLISTIC Q704 listed by German online shop, costs 1.399€

Just a short news about the Q704, Fujitsu’s new tablet-PC with a 12.5″-display.

The STYLISTIC Q704 has a 12.5-inches display and is partly water- and dustproof

The STYLISTIC Q704 has a 12.5-inches display and is partly water- and dustproof

The tablet-PC is not available yet but German online shops started listing the device.

German retailer ep-mediastore-ab currently offers one configuration for 1.399€.

This configuration is equipped with an Intel Core i5-4200U, 8GB RAM, a 256GB SSD and connectivity up to LTE.

So far there is no delivery date, but the device is expected to hit the markets in Mid-December.

LIFEBOOK U904: First batch arrives in Germany, costs 1.800€

The first devices of the LIFEBOOK U904-series have reached the German market and are available to order now.

The LIFEBOOK U904 as shown at the Fujitsu Forum 2013.

The LIFEBOOK U904 as shown at the Fujitsu Forum 2013.

As I already mentioned earlier, the U904 will be available in multiple configurations, including several hard drive and CPU-variations. The first available configuration is the so called “Premium Selection.”

It has excellent hardware in it, containing an Intel Core i7-CPU of the newest Haswell generation with 2.1 GHz per core (2 cores in total). It will be equipped with an astonishing memory amount of 10GB and a 256GB SSD drive. The display will be of course the touch-version and the connectivity goes up to 4G / LTE.

Some of you may now wonder why an Ultrabook needs so much power. Therefore, you have to understand that the Ultrabook concept has made some major improvements and is signifcantly different to other concepts like the Netbook.

An Ultrabook is not only thin and light. It’s also strong which is a big difference to netbooks which were pretty weak. An Ultrabook is still designed to maintain a long battery runtime. This is achieved by variable power management. If you don’t need power, the Ultrabook won’t use all the power it has to save energy and extend your battery runtime.

But did you know that an Ultrabook can easily handle high-performance applications like the Adobe Suite? Therefore it uses every resource it has which of course needs more energy.

So buying an Ultrabook is buying a combination of both: mobilty and power.

The U904 “Premium Selection” is already available to order and costs around 1.800€ in Germany. There are cheaper configurations to expect (with an i5-CPU for example) but there is no ETA on their release date yet.

ARROWS Z FJL22: Fujitsu announces its next smartphone with major improvements

Some of you may not know, that Fujitsu also produces smartphones. That’s because, you won’t see those smartphones outside of Japan. Unfortunately, this will be the case for Fujitsu’s newest smartphone, too.

The ARROWS Z FJL22 in all 3 available colors

The ARROWS Z FJL22 in all 3 available colors

Fujitsu promises some great new improvements. For example, the company promises a device which is twice as fast as the model before.

The battery will have a capacity of 2.600 mAh (the iPhone 5S has 1.560 mAh) and features a new rapid charging-technology, allowing you to charge the phone to over 30% in about 10 minutes.

Fujitsu also added a RAM-unit to the display itself. This way, the TFT LCD-display can store data in this RAM and save power. If you for example display a still image, the display will use the built-in RAM and therefore save energy.

As for the connectivity, Fujitsu also introduces a new concept: ‘Multi-connection’ technology. This means that the phone will use the 3G / LTE and WiFi connection at the same time. It can use both connections at the same time to download content which gives you a faster browsing experience. The battery usage will still be barely higher than with an mobile connection alone.

The FJL22 will also have a fingerprint sensor to enable easier unlocking. Fujitsu also features ‘GRANVU’, a photo-engine in the smartphone to make better and vivid pictures by using intelligent flash and post-processing.

Also the technical specifications promise a high-quality device. The CPU will be a Quadcore 2.2 GHz-CPU (Qualcomm MSM8974), the device will be water-resistant (IPX5/8), infrared, NFC, television broadcast reception, a FM-transmitter, DLNA and Bluetooth 4.0. The operating system will be Android 4.2. So far, I have no information if Fujitsu plans an update to Android 4.4.

The device, which is produced in Japan, will be available from today but only in Japan. I don’t expect any release outside of the country but maybe this may change in future.

(via Fujitsu, thx!)

Fujitsu Forum 2013: The modern challenges of BYOD

On Fujitsu Forum 2013, I also had the chance to talk to some experts about BYOD – also known as Bring your own device.

BYOD is something which became quite popular in companies. Employes are allowed to bring in their own devices or buy a company device and also use it privately.

However, BYOD also bears risks. What about data loss or infected devices? Therefore, I asked Karen Barret and Mikael Tervonen, both experts from Fujitsu, to answer me some questions and show me Fujitsu’s way to challenge modern problems of BYOD.

Fujitsu Forum 2013: Impressions from this year’s event

The Forum is over, but it won’t be forgotten for sure! My third visit of this annual event again fascinated me and showed me a lot of things.

This year's slogan: "Reshaping ICT, Reshaping Business and Society"

This year’s slogan: “Reshaping ICT, Reshaping Business and Society”

Like every year, the Forum provided a lot of talks and events to participate in.

Again, four major keynotes built the frame around the Forum, like for example Dr. Joseph Reger’s keynote. The CTO of Fujitsu talked about modern challenges and gave us interesting insights in Fujitsu’s success stories.

Dr. Joseph Reger, CTO of Fujitsu

Dr. Joseph Reger, CTO of Fujitsu

But also the opening keynote was pretty interesting and was started with a cool short show.

The opening show

The opening show

Of course we also visited breakout sessions and learned a lot of things. However, our focus this year was clearly the exhibition since there was a lot of stuff to cover. We had the luck, that Daniel Klaus and Christian Bock from Fujitsu organized a tour for us.

Christian Bock (left) and Daniel Klaus from Fujitsu

Christian Bock (left) and Daniel Klaus from Fujitsu

The exhibition provided a lot of products like for example a new ATM from Fujitsu. But also new consumer products were displayed which you can find here.

Some of Fujitsu's new devices

Some of Fujitsu’s new devices

But the Forum also had some other fine locations. For example a digital golf course.

The digital golf course

The digital golf course

Or this holographic display which was used to display some new stuff.

The holographic display

The holographic display

But what about the fun? The last two years, Fujitsu organized concerts in the evening but this year the announcement came very late. And instead of a concert, Fujitsu rented a hall of the fair to build an Oktoberfest which was pretty amazing and entertaining.

The Oktoberfest at the Fujitsu Forum 2013

The Oktoberfest at the Fujitsu Forum 2013

And at the end of this article I just played around a little bit with Vine and created this short movie giving you a short glimpse on what was to see on the Forum.

So all in all this Forum was totally worth the visit. It provides a platform for IT experts from all over the world and is the biggest IT Forum in whole Europe.

So clear some time for Fujitsu Forum 2014 and be there! See you in Munich next year!

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