What being a Fujitsu Digital Influencer and Silver Insider means for FujitsuFans

Since I ran this blog I always made clear, that I’m representing my own opinion. However, since 2010, I participated in several Fujitsu projects and visited the company which can be interpreted wrongly.

The Oktoberfest at the Fujitsu Forum 2013

The Oktoberfest at the Fujitsu Forum 2013

I also received some devices from Fujitsu either to test them or as part of projects in which these devices were reviewed.

All this time, I paid attention to clearly stay with my view on Fujitsu related topics, especially when my information source was Fujitsu itself. It was and still is the highest priority to deliver you honest news from an unbiased point of view.


You may have seen this badge in the right sidebar of this blog and you may have wondered what this means.

Fujitsu has a special program for bloggers and tech-related people from all over the world where said persons are engaging in several projects like Master Your Business. Those project usually consist of the participant who receives a device to test and review. There are also some tasks which require the participant to discuss a feature of the device or office related topics. Those tasks are usually solved at the platform itself.

Members who are very comitted to projects like MYB have the chance to become a Silver Insider which is a higher rank than a normal Insider or Digital Influencer. This doesn’t mean that the person wrote more articles which are friendly to Fujitsu or made special advertisements. This means that the person took time to cover Fujitsu related topics in a detailed manner and covered multiple point of views.

For me and FujitsuFans, being part of Fujitsu’s Silver Insider program is very important. It allows me to serve you neutral news and still get information very early and directly from the source. There is at no point any obligation to blog about Fujitsu in a positive way and disclosure is a very important topic, too. Fujitsu activley asks us to disclose our relationship in order to avoid misunderstandings.

I wrote this article now because the Digital Influencer program is pretty new and I thought this may be a good point to clarify some things. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment on this article or send me an e-mail via the contact form.

D3348-B: Fujitsu presents new high-end ATX mainboard for 24/7 operation

When it comes to 24/7 operation, many people don’t realize how important the right hardware is. While you usually turn off your computer at night or when you don’t use, 24/7 systems provide services all the time. That means that the hardware of such systems is always active and working.

Normal end-consumer products are not built for this usage. Of course, they don’t immediately break but they are just not meant for it.

Fujitsu ATX Mainboard D3348-B


The D3348-B is Fujitsu’s newest high-end ATX mainboard in the Exended Lifecycle series.

It’s based on Intel’s C612 chipset and supports up to 128GB DDR4 2133 SDRAM which also includes ECC memory.

Fujitsu implemented the LGA-2011-R3 socket which supports Intel Xeon and Intel Core i7-CPUs up to 160W TDP.

The mainbaord also provides stunning 7 PCI-e slots, three of them Gen2 and four of them Gen3. Of course, it also supports USB 3.0.

Also customers who attach a lot of hard drives to the mainboard won’t be disappointed. There are 10 SATA III 600 interfaces for that.

And what if the mainboard breaks or gets damaged? In that case, Fujitsu guarantees an availability of at least 3 years.

The D3348-B will be available as of October 2014. For more information read the datasheet below.

Fujitsu D3348-B datasheet

Save the date: Fujitsu Forum 2014

On November 19th and 20th it’s time again for Europe’s biggest IT event: the Fujitsu Forum 2014.

This year's slogan: 'Human Centric Innovation'

This year’s slogan: ‘Human Centric Innovation’

More than 10.000 people participate in this event anually and there a lot of reasons why you should go, too! First of all, check out my impressions from last year!

This year’s slogan is ‘Human Centric Innovation’ which Fujitsu explains in the follwing:

It expresses Fujitsu’s focus on a safe and prosperous future through innovations in information and communication technology. These ICT innovations strongly support enterprises, public organizations and individuals in creating wealth and value.


The event location is Munich and the dates are November 19th and 20th. It offers four different types of talks which you can attend.


They are the largest talks at the Fujitsu Forum. This year speakers from Fujitsu and NetApp will talk on current IT topics. Mr. Tango Matsumoto, Executive Vice President & Head of Global Marketing Fujitsu, will hold the opening keynote and focus on the slogan ‘Human Centric Innovation’ where he talks about business growth and social challenges. Over the two days there will be seven in keynotes in total. Read more on them here.

Breakout Sessions

In about 50 presentations at the Fujitsu Forum, speakers will discuss current topics in small rounds. Those sessions are very practical as they focus on planning, implementation and operation. Read a short description here.

Expert Talks

Those talks are very specific. They are about different IT topics and as a Fujitsu customer you can even contact your Fujitsu sales rep to reserve a time slot with him or her. For a list of the Experts Talks click here.

Partner exhibition

You can also take some time off from all the talks and visit the partner exhibition. There, partners from Fujitsu and Fujitsu itself present the newest innovations and devices of the IT market. You can directly talk to product managers and find out everything about their new solutions.


Wait, a fifth thing? Let’s leave this one uncommented. :-)

There a lot of simultaneous events at the Forum which could make it hard to organize the events of your choice. To make sure you get everything you want to hear you can use the schedule builder.

If you don’t live near Munich, you can use this special offer by Deutsche Bahn and travel to Fujitsu Forum.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the event website now and register for the event for free!

Fujitsu Forum 2014

Submit your idea to Fujitsu’s PalmSecure Innovation Contest and win great prizes

Last year, Fujitsu won UniCredit as a customer for their new PalmSecure technology which replaces current authorisation methods with brand new biometrical technology.

Fujitsu's PalmSecure technology uses biometrical features

Fujitsu’s PalmSecure technology uses biometrical features

PalmSecure uses the veins in your hand to identify you which is way more safer than your fingerprint for example. More information can be found here.

Just imagine what could be done with this new technology. Cardless entry into buildings, fast and easy authentication, banking at ATMs etc.

As you can see there are a lot of possibilites and Fujitsu wants to know from you what technology can achieve. So they want you to answer the following questions:

What are the application areas for a match-on-device system with Fujitsu PalmSecure™ technology? Which use cases can you imagine in the fields such as government, finance, enterprise, automotive, retail, energy, industry 4.0 or others for this technology? How can the device appear in the different usage scenarios? Where can the Fujitsu PalmSecure™ sensor technology be applied in general?

In combination with this Idea contest, Fujitsu also rewards the three best ideas with these great prizes:

  1. Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U904 with PalmSecure sensor
  2. Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U574
  3. Fujitsu STYLISTIC M702

So head over to the website and read the detailed Challenge Description. If you are interested in taking part and head over to the following website:

Fujitsu PalmSecure Innovation Contest

FujitsuFans.com wishes you all the best luck!

Comfortably travel to Fujitsu Forum 2014 with Deutsche Bahn and save money

The summer is coming to an end and while we say Good Bye to the good weather, the business world wakes up from it’s summer sleep. And some of us prepare for the annual Fujitsu Forum which is set to happen in November this year.

This year's slogan: 'Human Centric Innovation'

This year’s slogan: ‘Human Centric Innovation’

The dates to save are November 19th and 20th. And the location? As always, the ICM in the beautiful city Munich.

In order to get there, Fujitsu and Deutsche Bahn partnered up to provide a nice package. Begininng at 99€ you get a ride to Munich and back home with the InterCityExpress. There are four possible packages. If you choose fixed tickets, you have to determine the exact time of travel now. In economy class the price is 99€, in first class it’s 159€.

If you want to stay flexible you can buy tickets which allow you to travel every train on that day to your destination. The economy class costs here 139€ and first class 199€.

The earliest arrival date is November 17th and latest departure is November 20th.

In most cases, this package is way cheaper than booking the tickets at normal rates so if you plan to visit Fujitsu Forum 2014 you may consider this offer.

For more information and online booking please follow the link:

Deutsche Bahn – Fujitsu Forum 2014

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S904: Review

Four weeks ago, Fujitsu sent me the new LIFEBOOK S904 which was launched earlier this year and announced last year.

The new LIFEBOOK S904

The new LIFEBOOK S904

You can read some details about the device itself here. And if you want to see my first impressions and some Unboxing pics, click here.

This article’s purpose is to deliver you a review you won’t read everywhere. I will describe my workflow with the device and how it reacts to my input.

You will not see benchmarks or pure numbers. I don’t think that this will really help you since numbers like these often can’t be interpreted correctly.

Initial setup

Let’s start with the first steps. The device is unpacked and the user is ready. So after hooking it up and turning on… you have to wait. The device is deployed with a standard image by Fujitsu which in my case contained Windows 8.1 Pro and some software. After waiting some minutes you are asked to run through the typical Windows setup which requires you to enter some information and choose some settings.

After that you get to see the standard Modern UI interface:

The Modern UI

The Modern UI

When switching to the Desktop, you see what kind of software is preinstalled:

The Desktop

The Desktop

Preinstalled software is something I don’t really like. However, Fujitsu still keeps the bloatware level low and removing the software shouldn’t take you that long. You don’t need to format and reinstall the LIFEBOOK.

And as always you should run Windows Update and DeskUpdate first. DeskUpdate is Fujitsu’s solution to keep your drivers up-to-date with a few clicks.

Fujitsu DeskUpdate

Fujitsu DeskUpdate

The system is ready to use and you can do whatever you want. Setting up the system doesn’t take long and is pretty easy.

The display

The LIFEBOOK S904 uses the IGZO technology (What is that?) which means that it can also realize resolutions above Full HD. In this case the resolution is incredible 2560×1440 pixels.

The IGZO display of the S904

The IGZO display of the S904

The photo above shows how detailed text is displayed. Click here to see the photo in full resolution.

Another photo showing the display

Another photo showing the display

All in all, the display is incredible. At only 13.3 inches the IGZO technology combines a high resolution with vivid colors and low energy usage. However, the high resolution also means that viewing low resolution content is even more uncomfortable. In terms of business applications this shouldn’t be a problem though since it’s the year 2014 and many applications are already ready for higher resolutions.

The battery

One of the main features of the LIFEBOOK S904 is its battery. With an advertised runtime of 24 hours and the possibility to put in two batteries, the S904 is clearly aiming for people who need to work the whole day without charging the device.

Testing the runtime wasn’t that easy actually since it’s hard to reproduce a working day of 24 hours. However, the battery should easily last a whole working day. Long term tests aren’t really possible but if you keep the usage low results like this are possible:

16 hours remaining? As long as you don't really work on the device...

16 hours remaining? As long as you don’t really work on the device…

Keeping the laptop turned on but in idle mode (WiFi is connected but there is nothing running besides the operating system) with one battery should give you an extremely long runtime. I did a short test and turned on the laptop at 11:40pm with a remaining battery load of 92%. At 04:56am the battery was still at 72%. The laptop was turned on the whole night wih the display turned off. The advertised 24 hours are possible but you need two batteries and it depends on what you do to achieve this.

To sumarize all this you could say one thing: if you need a long lasting battery, the S904 is the right choice for you. And by using a second battery you can even maximize the usage while keeping the device portable.

Working on the S904

So how do you test a device without just running benchmarks? Check out this video in which I just perform some basic workflows to show you the performance of the S904.


With the laptop, Fujitsu also attached a docking station. Since those laptops are suited for businesses, you usually have a full equipped port replicator available which of course is not always included.

However, that also has the disadvantage that without a port replicator you can’t really embed the device into you working place. The ports are distributed on every side of the S904 so permanently connecting a lot of external devices is not really an option.


All in all, the LIFEBOOK S904 is a very beautiful device with a pretty specific target group. It aims for users who need a device which delivers enough performance to work on it reliably and a battery runtime which keeps you away from the charger for a whole day. The weight is pretty low which makes the laptop very portable.

If these criterias meet your demands, the LIFEBOOK S904 is an excellent choice for you.

More information can be found here.

ARROWS Tab Q335: Fujitsu announces new 8-inch tablet based on Intel’s Atom

In Japan, Fujitsu sells a separate series of tablet PCs called ARROWS Tab. Those tablets are usually different from the international models but some of them are later sold in other parts of the world.

This time, Fujitsu announced a new tablet which will be sold worldwide in stages.

The Fujitsu ARROWS Tab Q335/K

The Fujitsu ARROWS Tab Q335/K

So far there aren’t a lot of details about the 8-inch tablet. But some specs are already known.

The heart of the new Arrows Tab is the Intel® Atom™ processor Z3735F which has 4 cores with 1.33 GHz per core. The tablet weighs less than 400 grams and is 9.9mm thick. According to Fujitsu you can hold the tablet in one hand.

As for the operating system, the tablet is supposed to run Windows 8.1 Pro. It also supports the Microsoft Office suite and therefore suits typical business needs.

The release date is set to October 2014 although the release will be staged in waves. This means that not every country will have the new Arrows Tab from the beginning. However, there are no details on that yet.

(Source: Fujitsu)

LIFEBOOK S904: Unboxing and first impressions

It’s been quiet for a very long time here but those times are over. FujitsuFans is back and our new test series starts with Fujitsu’s LIFEBOOK S904. I presented it months ago when I saw it first on Fujitsu Forum 2013.

The new LIFEBOOK S904

The new LIFEBOOK S904

Fujitsu sent me one of these to review it. The device has the following specifications:

Operating SystemWindows 8.1 64-bit
Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit
ProcessorIntel® Core™ i5-4200U processor, 3 MB, 1.6 GHz, up to 2.6 GHz
RAM8GB DDR3 1600 MHz (4GB module + 4GB onboard)
Hard disk driveSSHD 500GB (8GB SSD Cache) 5400rpm
Interfaces1 x DC-in
1 (combo port with Audio line-out) x Audio: line-in / microphone
1 x Audio: line-in / line-out
1 (combo port with Audio line-out) x Audio: line-out / headphone
2 (digital) x Internal microphones
3 (1 with Anytime USB Charge functionality) x USB 3.0 total
1 x VGA
1 x HDMI
1 x Ethernet (RJ-45)
1 x Docking connector for Port Replicator
1 x SmartCard slot
1 x Memory card slots
Display33.8 cm (13.3-inch), LED backlight, (WQHD), Glare IGZO touch display, magnesium, 2560 x 1440 pixel, 1000:1, 350 cd/m²
Graphics Intel® HD Graphics 4400

As always, the package is divided into two parts containing the device and several accessoires.


The package of the S904

In my case the accessoires box contains several manuals, recovery dics and a port replicator / docking station.

The docking station

The docking station

The port replicator makes a very stable impression. It’s very essential if you work in a office. It let’s you connect a full set of display, keyboard and mouse to your LIFEBOOK while you can always take it out and work mobile.

The beautiful design of the S904

The beautiful design of the S904

As for the design, Fujitsu sticks to its usual guidline: nice to look but not overloaded. People don’t want an ugly device but also not an extremely fancy one. The S904 is very elegant but still has nice details.

Regarding the ports, Fujitsu uses its standard set as you can see on the following pictures.

The front of the S904

The front of the S904

The right side

The right side

And a view on the left side

And a view on the left side

It’s good to see that Fujitsu placed the storage card bay in the front which makes it accessible way easier.

Some of you may already have noticed it: the S904 is no Ultrabook. That has one basic reason. Although it uses excellent Ultrabook hardware, it’s battery is too thick. It’s still pretty thin and essential for the runtime of 24 hours but since the Ultrabook specifications are very tight you can’t call the S904 an Ultrabook.

Anyway, that doesn’t really bother if you need the battery runtime since the battery’s thickness is still okay.

The keyboard of the S904

The keyboard of the S904

The keyboard is pretty flat but still comfortable to type on. However, I can imagine that some people may need to adjust to a new experience since the feedback of this keyboard is limited by design.


The touchpad is a big plus. It’s pretty big and clearly structured making it easy to use.

The fingerprint reader

The fingerprint reader

And as always with Fujitsu’s business devices: the fingerprint reader. Essential for everyone who needs comfort and security and fast ways to log into the laptop.

All in all, the S904 makes a very solid impression to me. Although the battery is pretty thick, it’s not too thick. The weight is surprisingly low (1.5kg) and you can easily transport the S904 if you want to work mobile.

In our next post, FujitsuFans will set up the S904 and review its performance and workflow compatibility. Stay tuned and follow us to get the newest updates!

Support FujitsuFans at Master Your Business and win a night at a Marriott hotel

As some of you already know, I’m part of Fujitsu’s Master Your Business program as a Silver Insider. Therefore I’m currently reviewing several aspects of the new ESPRIMO Q920 but did you know that you can win, too?

Join Master Your Business and win a night at a Marriott hotel!

Join Master Your Business and win a night at a Marriott hotel!

Just head over to Master-Your-Business and register yourself over there. After you have done that, you can interact with other and us insiders. You can also support me by liking, commenting or sharing my or articles:

Stay tuned for more articles and don’t forget to be active on Master Your Business to collect badges and maybe win a night at a beautiful hotel!

Meet Wilfried Frewert for a look behind the scenes of Fujitsu Forum

Every year, Fujitsu hosts the Fujitsu Forum in Munich wich is basically the biggest IT event for experts in Europe. Filled with a lot of keynotes, breakout session and expert talks, many topic of modern IT are discussed.


But who is behind all this? How do you organize such a big event and who comes to the Forum? I asked Wilfried Frewert to get some answers. But first of all, let’s meet him.

IMG_0779Wilfried is Head of Marketing Corporate Events, International Business Marketing Events at Fujitsu and responsible for events like the Fujitsu Forum. He coordinates a team of people to plan whole events and make sure that everything goes as planned. Wilfried was so nice take some time and answer me some interesting questions about the event.

Questions are written in bold, Wilfried’s answers are marked Italic. The Interview was organized by Daniel Klaus (more about him here), thank you very much!

Why does Fujitsu hold the Fujitsu Forum annually?

The Fujitsu Forum is one of the most important events in the ICT industry. In cooperation with its partners, Fujitsu has held this event in Munich since 2009 and invites customers and partners from all over the world. Together with the Fujitsu Forum in Tokyo – Japan, annually held in May, these are Fujitsu’s two flagship events and are important milestones in the calendars for partners, customers and industry decision makers. In fact, this year’s Fujitsu Forum dates are already fixed – Fujitsu Forum 2014 Tokyo will take place from May 14th to May 16th and Fujitsu Forum 2014 Munich will be held from November 19th to November 20th. More information is available here.

Who are you reaching out to? Who attends the Forum in Munich?

In 2013 more than 11,000 visitors from 81 countries around the world attended the event. Attendees were Fujitsu’s customers, partners, journalists, industry analysts, and of course our employees. Once again, the Fujitsu Forum 2013 Munich has proven to be THE event in the ICT industry.

Fujitsu Forum 2013

Fujitsu Forum 2013

What makes Fujitsu Forum outstanding?

The annual Fujitsu Forum has proven to be one of the events in the ICT industry, where the industry sets trends for the future and discusses the latest developments in the ICT market. Fujitsu Forum offers the unique opportunity to discover the whole ICT world, not only focusing on Fujitsu, but also providing a great platform for our customers and partners to showcase their solutions. In addition, the mix between Keynotes and Breakout Sessions, the exciting exhibition and a unique entertainment program, make Fujitsu Forum an ideal place for business as well as networking. Last year we had 4,500 attendees at the Fujitsu Forum Oktoberfest event in Munich.

What are the main challenges in planning such an event?

Planning such an important event is a major project and of course a big investment. The core planning team faces new challenges every day. If we would have to highlight one major challenge, it would be to sustain or even surpass the success of last year’s Forum and to once again meet our customer’s expectations.

The yellow taxi standing in the exhibition hall.

The yellow taxi standing in the exhibition hall.

Why did you choose Munich?

There are many reasons to choose Munich. On the one hand, Munich is one of Fujitsu’s main sites, and on the other hand, the  location so close to our factory in Augsburg allows our customers and other attendees to participate in a Factory Tour. In addition, the International Congress Center Munich (ICM), is one of the best venues in Europe to host an event on such a scale. Munich also provides good infrastructure and transportation.  

Can you give us some figures?

We held six keynotes, 3,500 visitors attended the main keynote (+ more than 5,000 live-streams), there were 54 breakout sessions, 350 exhibits, more than 11,000 visitors from 81 countries and 4,500 attendees at the Fujitsu Oktoberfest event. Overall, attendees consumed 4,900 roasted half-chickens, 7,350 litters of Bavarian beer, 37.026 cups of coffee and 12,000 pretzels.

The Oktoberfest at the Fujitsu Forum 2013

The Oktoberfest at the Fujitsu Forum 2013

When do you start planning Fujitsu Forum 2014 in Munich?

The strategic planning already began in January 2014, and the core project team is starting its work in May 2014.

How many visitors did you have at the Forum in Munich over the last couple of years?

On average we host approximately 11,000 visitors every year.

How is the general feedback about the Forum?

The feedback from visitors on site was tremendous. Partners, customers and colleagues are already looking forward to Forum 2014. The results of our satisfaction survey back up this impressive number: we scored 8.5 out of 10 in overall satisfaction – but of course we will try to trump that next time!

Thank you, Wilfried.

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